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The Wellies - Wellington Comedy Awards 2016

This year the production team of Sanjay Parbhu and Julz Burgisser from Capital Comedy's Blindset was asked to perform at the Wellington Comedy Awards as we won an award for Best Concept Show last year. What an honour to take the stage at such a prestigious event. We did a live topic forming improvised set with interesting results.

We were again nominated for the same award this year. We were so excited to still be considered one of Wellington's top concept shows and we clapped with huge glee when we saw our favorite new fellow show winning the top spot this year. I didn't write this took out the top spot, our favorites in funny as not only is it a great concept but they share the best venue in town with us, our beloved Cavern Club.

Julz Burgisser was asked to perform also as she won an award for Best Off-Stager this year. She took the stage with a song parody to sing about her love of High Heels to huge applause. Julz was also nominated for three awards this year, Most Loved Off-Stager and Most Helpful Off-Stager for everything she does with Capital Comedy and helping new comics to take the stage. For her own comedy skills she was nominated for Most Improved as she's been working hard on her comedy this year and has had some killer gigs.

As usual the Wellington Comedy Awards was an amazing night of fun and celebration of everyone's hard work and we were stoked to be a part of it all.

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