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Tales from the Trail

The key has shattered. The barrier has fallen. The hordes are approaching. We are no longer safe.

Just outside the borders of Zealandia, dark forces spread their tendrils of influence, and gather their forces to invade. Through the actions of their agents the linchpin of the barrier, the Winged Sword, has been shattered to pieces. The pieces need gathering by stalwart adventures, and they are hidden behind challenges of all sorts. Whether trial by combat, or through skillful negotiation, Zealandia seeks your aid. Find the Guardians, gather the Feathers, and restore harmony to the Realm.

Experience a fantasy table-top roleplaying game set in the glory of Zealandia.

That's what we pitched to Zealandia Te Māra a Tāne as "Tales from the Trail". A 4 hour fantasy roleplaying experience that brings together the beauty of Zealandia and the Aotearoa New Zealand bush and the joy of table-top roleplaying. And we delivered on that promise too. It was an incredible time with so many excited adventurers tramping through gorgeous scenery on a Quest to restore the Realm.

Every Dungeon Master had their own story to tell as part of the whole world. My story was given by a Kakapo, who spoke only at the end once they had solved the puzzle he laid before them.

First they had to enter a clearing with one sparse tall tree of thorns in front of them, flickering red, blue and green lights whizzing all around the clearing and no feather in sight. What would they do to find the feather? Why entertain, placate and soothe the fairies of course! A skills challenge that saw many hilarious feats performed and several stirring renditions of various songs. The dice rolled, bouncing over wooden tables, and through the puddles the rain left behind. The day was won over and over by each group and the energy was high all day.

I couldn't think of a better way to combine the fantasy of Dungeons and Dragons with the fantasy feel of New Zealand's native flora and fauna and it was a pleasure to be involved. We created new character sheets together, created a different style of storytelling with multiple DM's and many groups of players needing to work in a loop to get maximum adventure time! What an experience, my fellow storytellers with Questbook were incredible and made the day into something special. I can't wait to do it again sometime soon!


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