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Get ready for quirky dark comedy, fantasy and some epic high heels as Julz sits behind the GM screen.


A cosplayer, comedian and rockstar, singing lead with rock n roll covers band WINK … basically she’s a real life Bard.


She combined her love for TTRPG and performing, to play regular live stage shows with ‘Diceratops’ as Mascara Stormfire, played Marley Kraff on D&D5e comedy actual play podcast ‘Fate of Isen’ and now is the Dungeon Master of Isen taking a new crew through a new adventure.


Julz particularly enjoys bringing new people into the D&D 5e fold and with a Teaching Degree can work magic on a fun night with a wide range of age or skills.

Julz has created a series of homebrew one-shot adventures for you and your friends to explore, set in the podcast world of Isen. From low to high levels, from romance to horror, there is a game to play for everyone. She can also create a unique game just for you! Or if you'd rather, can run the many wonderful published adventures created for D&D 5e by Wizards of the Coast.


You can hire Julz for your next event through the DM Hire service Questbook. Book in a real fantasy character to DM your next game. Let's play!

“This is a fantastic service! Our group of new and novice players had a fantastic time with DM Julz, who took us through everything we needed to know and ran a super fun and engaging game. Highly recommended!” - Anon, Private Booking Player.


Head over to YouTube see her perform on Live Streams, see clips of podcast episode recordings and check out her videos on all things TTRPG. 

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