My show has been accepted for Comedy Festival 2018!

I'm so excited, I actually can't believe that I've been accepted. This will be my first ever solo hour of comedy and I'm bursting with pride that I'll actually get to do it at New Zealand's most prestigious comedy festival. I'm even more pleased that I'll be performing at my favourite venue in the world: Cavern Club!

The Show will be called: What Do I Do With This Dress

Like my bridesmaid is doing here to my wedding dress below, we're still tidying up details right now so I'll be releasing more information about it in the months to come so keep your eyes peeled! The dress has to come out of the box now for sure! Get ready. There's a lot to do.

EXCITING! #nzcomedyfest2018 #bestfoodsmayo #firstsoloshow

Julz and the Dress

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