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Fate of Isen - A year of RPG

Dungeons and Dragons has always been a love affair of mine. From a teenager the ability to dissapear inside a character that could save the world, gave me the best times with friends.

Now D&D has given me something else, a way to find my performing voice.

Fate of Isen is a D&D 5e actual play podcast recorded in Wellington, NZ. Four comedians and friends got together to play a game and ended up on a quest to save the world of Isen. Listen in as the Dungeon Master (Brad Zimmerman) takes Banffor (Oliver Scripps), Marley (Julz Burgisser), and Trestlespoon (Josh Kingsford) on an epic adventure through a fantastical world. They’ll encounter soldiers, kiwis the size of cars, and so much more as these unlikely heros work to fight back against the evil Arkvale Empire.

As you can see Brad Zimmerman and I (and other friends) are back working on another project together. It's pretty great to be working with someone who I know is dedicated, hard working, super creative and fun.

In the campaign I play Marley Kraff, a half-elf Bard/Ranger with a pet wolf called Hodge. She's so much fun to play. Curious but with a mean stubborn streak and a unfilled desire for fame and finding love ... or her family, whichever comes first. I get to improvise, sing, joke around with friends and meet people from all over the world who listen.

We also have a spinoff podcast called 'The Gigantic Adventures of Jeff and Simon" and that one is family friendly, with the idea of reaching out to kids to start them off in our awesome hobby in an easy way. I play Simon Quail, the Pigeon with blade wings and a serious peck.

I literally cannot believe my luck to have stumbled into such an amazing situation and good time. People are really starting to listen and support us, we even have a successful Patreon setup that now covers our running costs and that's insane.

I think, if you haven't already, you should probably go and check it out.

So here's a link to our website!

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