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A fortnight out from What Do I Do With This Dress

Well, hasn't the time gone by quickly!

I've been super busy on a million projects as you know but this has always been the big one in the background. It's getting really close now and we're kicking up into lots of action. So look out for epic videos and silly posts as I make sure that we have the best fun at the show possible with a bunch of epic excited people in the audience.

I'm here to tell you that you really should buy your tickets now if you're coming. They are starting to sell and I hope you don't miss out! Here's the link so you can go straight there.


My wedding dress and I have already been on such a journey but it's not over. It's time to challenge myself and the norms around divorce and wedding dresses. It's time to see what else the Dress and I can accomplish together. I need your help. I need you to send me challenges to do in my wedding dress. From something little like going out for a coffee in the dress to something big like jumping off a high platform into the ocean. Give me a suggestion and I'll film myself doing it, choosing the cleanest ones first and moving into the messy ones later. Trying to keep the dress reasonably clean before the comedy show.

I tell you more about the idea here below, so give the video a watch and then get in touch with me. Flick a message through to me on Facebook or comment on the Show event, or send an email through to with your suggestion. If you want to do it with me in your wedding dress as well, then let me know! The more the merrier! Can't wait to hear from you. xx

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