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Jewels From NZ

Kia Ora, welcome to Jewels from NZ! A regular podcast chocka with all things Aotearoa New Zealand and some about me, Julz! Chur.

I'm starting off the Year 2021 updating you all on what I've been doing for the last year and more. A big part of that has been the creation of my podcast Jewels from NZ. The first episode was published on 27th of August 2019 and there are now a grand total of 76 episodes to listen to, with the most popular to date being the episode about Kiwi Slang. I may need to revisit that again soon.

It has been an absolute adventure, learning more about Aotearoa, RPG and myself. I have blossomed under my own efforts into a more self-determined and confident person in what what my passion are and the goals I want to achieve.

Honestly, I'm the most excited about what I'm doing now than I've ever been about anything else in my life. More excited than on my wedding day. Which probably makes sense as I am divorced.

I'd love for you to have a listen and check out my podcast sometime soon. Don't forget to rate and review to help me along my way.

Here's a Spotify link to get you started! Jewels from NZ.

Aroha nui. E noho ra. Ka kite ano.


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