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Breakfast with a side of D&D

On March 3rd, 2021 Aotearoa New Zealand got a side of Dunegons & Dragons with their Breakfast news TV. That's right! Diceratops Live Show and Podcast hit the TV screen and the big time as we advertised our upcoming Fringe Festival Show by teaching Jacob the presenter a little about how to play.

We had a blast with the crew and managed to get 3 little snippets of screen time as we rolled some dice and demonstrated how easy it is to roleplay.

What we wanted to tell people mostly is that not only is D&D easy to play but it can be a really good time to watch. If the performers are skilled improvisers, comedians and actors like we are, the game that you watch is entertaining in it's complete chaos and adventure story telling, regardless if you know what the numbers of the game mean. Jacob managed to grasp the basics in a mere few minutes and defeated a monster as well!

So hopefully everyone that was watching out there learnt something about it and comes to watch the show. We'd love to see you all there! Can't wait to get on stage live for D&D once more.


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