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Your First Look At: What Do I Do With This Dress

The show is really coming together now. We've done a massive photo shoot and a bunch of poster designing and I can now show you the official advertising for the show.

What do you think? I was trying to make it look like the cover of a bridal magazine. I think EB Design nailed it personally. It looks like a show I'd totally want to go to. Luckily because I'm in it! Haha.

I've received confirmation of the dates and venue of the show now so I know it will be on Weds May 2nd and Friday May 4th at 7pm, Cavern Club. Tickets will be going on sale shortly so you'll be able to buy yours before the rush. I'm hoping there's a rush anyway.

Thanks a bunch to Ellie Jade at EB Creative NZ for all her amazing work with the photo shoot and poster design. She never fails to make me look good and I'm looking forward to dropping a bunch of other pictures closer to the time.

Keep yourself posted with all of my happenings on Facebook:

The Official marketing for around town and social media. So PRETTY!

The photo you'll find in the Comedy Festival Programme. Pink enough?

Here's where the show will be! May 2nd and 4th at 7pm. Come by and see it!

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