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Ok. I'm not scared to admit that for this show I was nervous. The month before they had Ben Hurley as their comedian for the night. This month they got me. A little less hairy for sure but not as well known and certainly shaking a lot more at the knees.

The Producer of this magical sensation is Rachel Rouge and spotting my wobbling walk, she was quick to reassure me that she was looking forward to seeing me up on stage and knew I'd have fun.

So nervously I waited back stage as fabulous acts owned the stage with glitter and pizzaz and then it was my turn. I walked out with my head held high in absolute determination to not stuff this up for fear of never getting booked again. The first laugh came easily and in my relief I was playing with them and they weren't shy to follow.

My banter flowed smoothly and they were an amazing audience. How lucky I felt to be on that stage and when I got off hearing the roar of applause following me, I swear my feet weren't even touching the ground. That's how high I was floating after a great set. Thanks to everyone who came along you were fab! See you again on stage next time! Looks like there's going to be a few next times after all.


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