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I won a Wellies Award!

The Wellington Comedy Awards are lovingly nicknamed 'The Wellies' and I help to run them as part of my comedy production company Capital Comedy. This year I had the awkward experience of presenting an award to myself on stage. Haha! It really didn't make it any less emotional to receive it or any less of a huge honour to be voted the winner.

I had actually been nominated for 5 awards this year; for my own comedy performance Most Improved and for Best Joke (about vibrators), as Capital Comedy Wellington for Best Producer and Best Industry Helper and lastly but not least for Best Regular Show with Sing It Wrong. I know you're all dying to know which one I won. Appropriately, I won the award for 'Best Industry Helper' for all the work I do behind the scenes.

What an amazing thing to be recognised for! Sometimes all that work is very thankless and it's really cool to realise all that you do is seen and appreciated.

So thanks to everyone that voted. Love to you all and I can't wait to see what we do together this year.

If you're interested I've listed all the 2017 Wellies Award winners below so you can see.

Congratulations to all the 2017 winners!

Best Newcomer - Janaye Henry

Most Improved - Rhian Wood-Hill

Best One-Off or Solo Show - DJ Trump by Alexander Sparrow

Best Regular Show - Dank Comedy Show

Best Industry Helper - Julz Burgisser

Best Producer - Gen Fowler (A.K.A. Hugo Gurrrl)

Best Venue - Fringe Bar

Best Joke - The Lady Parts Song by Emma Wollum

Best MC - Jerome Chandrahasen

Outstanding Achievement - Alexander Sparrow for all the various Trump accomplishments

Best Comedian - Jerome Chandrahasen

Wellies Award Selfie with the backdrop that I had made for the event.

Winning photos and the new tradition of drinking from the boot award!

Co-Producer of The Wellies Brad Zimmerman. The Wellies literally could not run without him.

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