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Julz and the Dress: Stories of a Divorcee

Hey All!

I've been contemplating doing some of my own video'd with a handy cam, things on the topic of my divorce, marriage, life and wedding dress. I've been thinking about this for a long time. Longer than I'd care to mention. I always stopped because, who cares, why have I decided I'm the authority on these things, and what if it's crappy and no-one watches.

Well, I've decided that I care enough to do it, I'm the authority on my life and my opinions so basically I can say what I damn well please concerning that, and it probably will be crappy but I don't care if no-one watches it because I'm doing this for me. If i make people laugh along the way or make someone point at this and think ... yeah! Well then I've done my job.

So here goes. Julz and the Dress, begins. I have a lot to say on the topic of divorcee and some might even be funny enough to make you laugh. This first one is an intro video, explaining what I'm about to do and why you should watch and who it's for. Mostly it's for me though but I hope you enjoy.

Julz is a divorcee with a problem. She needs to open her wedding dress box but is finding it a bit hard. She wants to share with you why being a divorcee is difficult, make you laugh at the stories, provide you with some advice and hopefully in doing so find the courage to open the box.

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